Well the short version is that I am a mixed media sculptor. I use such materials as steel, rubber, resin, rawhide, cast aluminum, wood, glass, found objects, photographs, paper, and iron I make things. I have made things for as long as I can remember. I can't not make things. I could spend all day talking about the process of making. The exploration of material possibilities and the discovery of what a given material will do when you, say for instance, set in on fire... I think one of my favorite things is to use materials in a way that the manufacturer would recommend against. I also really love to create a surface that makes the viewer ask, "What is it?" But that's the easy part, the how. The "what will I make out of these things, the why, the (who really cares anyway what am I doing this for why can't I stop, but I just can't stop and) what does it all mean?"...now that's the hard part. I didn't think I knew the answer to all that so I took this opportunity to ask some of my friends (FB friends) "if you were going to talk about my work what would you say?" Every artist should ask that question the answers were pretty amazing. The recurring responses were that the work asks more than it answers; it pulls you in, it requires something of you. Then they asked me "how do you do that?" and I thought wow if I could figure out how that's done then my job would be a lot easier. But the truth is the reason that the work does those things is because it's not easy. So the only answer I have for them and for me is that I use images, textures and materials that I respond to, sometimes on a physical level and then I try to combine them in a way that makes me think. Then I just trust that if it makes me think it will work that way on someone else. I want the work to tell a story but it doesn't always have to be my story. Then I realized that it's never going to be my story at least not when you are reading it. I said in my artist statement that I think of them as works of fiction. Which could mean don't believe what you see...on the other hand no one can tell you not to believe what you think or not to feel what you feel. The title, that little bit of language which is sometimes a hint, and sometimes just serves as the question mark, and sometimes they are an inside joke between me and the work.